Floor anchors for mats on Silverado 1500 WT?

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by acerydr, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. acerydr

    acerydr New Member

    I just purchased a new 2010 Silverado 1500 WT. Naturally it comes with the rubberized floors. I purchased a one-piece carpeted floor mat for the front floor. Fits great but still moves just a bit. Most cars these days come with the "floor anchors" that your mats attach to (and most mats have the small hole pre-cut for that). Can these be installed in my truck without hurting anything. I assume they would just tap into the sheet metal in the floor. Thoughts?
  2. ntbush83

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  3. acerydr

    acerydr New Member

    Yep, exactly. You are right, I will need to be careful tapping into the floor. Not sure how thick it is there. The floor mats i bought came with clips but they are designed to "screw" in to the carpet under the floor mat (which I don't have of course).
  4. ntbush83

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    Oh ok very good point! Ha I forgot those screws won't do you any good. So on your rubber flooring its sealed to your floor panels? You can't move it around or lift it up like carpet right?
  5. acerydr

    acerydr New Member

    not sure if it is sealed to the floor or not. Either way it is pretty thin rubberized flooring but i should try that first. It wouldn't take much to hold the floormats in place. I was just looking for a secure hold of some fashion more than the mats just sitting on the floor. They are custom made for the floor so they fit pretty good. Probably wasting my time.
  6. Rychehawk

    Rychehawk New Member

    I would try and clean a few flat areas with alcohol on the floor mat and the rubber floor and use some Velcro tape. Also the rubber flooring is installed just like carpeting and has backing pad like carpet.

    I have the same problem with mine, so I will be doing this soon as it STOPS RAINING!:grrrrrr:

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