Floor liners with 3 rows

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  1. teamneon

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    Hey guys. Ive searched and read quite a few threads and am leaning towards the husky liners for my 01 suburban.
    Question is...they make an extended cargo liner that goes up to the back of the 2nd row. I didnt see mention of cutouts for the 3rd row seats?
    Anyone have full coverage in their suburban and know which ones i need to buy?

    Weathertechs specifically says buy the extended cargo liner, the 3rd row, and the 1st and 2nd row for full coverage.
    why would u need to buy the 3rd row if the extended cargo goes all the way?
    somewhat confused on that one.
  2. Kraziken

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  3. teamneon

    teamneon New Member

    well i found a company that hooked me up with all 3 rows and the cargo mat by Husky for $320 shipped.
    I got them in 3 days and they look really good. I saw some ppl on here complaining about the color being darker on theirs but mine are really close to factory.
    ill get some pics when its nice out.

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