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Discussion in 'FL - Central & South Florida' started by James's_06_Silverado, May 14, 2007.

  1. Post up if you live in Fl, let me know where you are.
  2. sindawg10

    sindawg10 New Member

    From FLA

    From Quincy/Tallahassee area. Out in San Angelo, Texas right now. I'm trying to make a trip out there this summer.
  3. scotty

    scotty New Member

    i own a 2005 Z71 2WD extended cab, with the i-5 motor.

    i am running the streets of FT. MYERS,,,,,,,,,,,,
  4. 89suburban350

    89suburban350 New Member

    i own a 1989 burb' and in the wesley chapel area
  5. steingang2

    steingang2 New Member

    L.A - Lutz area, just north of tampa.
  6. rohr425

    rohr425 New Member

    yea i live in south florida ft laudy
    anyone in south florida?
  7. TA Dave

    TA Dave New Member

    Port Charlotte here.
  8. welder 5

    welder 5 New Member

    nokomis fl. just south of Sarasota
  9. black jack

    black jack New Member

    Im in the fort myers area.
  10. 89suburban350

    89suburban350 New Member

    wesley chapel
  11. Neicey+Rob

    Neicey+Rob New Member

    Tampa - Carrollwood area
  12. mudder69

    mudder69 New Member

    06 Silverado in Tallahassee

    Just bought my silverado last week. Got a Z71 Crewcab lt3. I posted some pics in the new user thread. So far, I'm loving this truck. I'll probably be out at the gun range this weekend sighting in my rifle for deer season.
  13. MelbMike

    MelbMike New Member

    Melbourne in the Hiz-ouse!
  14. Acme Racer

    Acme Racer New Member

    Lurking about the Daytona Beach area...and sometimes lurking about inside Daytona Int'l Speedway.:rofl:
  15. elpHD21

    elpHD21 New Member

    I live in Orlando florida Area
  16. Dj Friction

    Dj Friction New Member

    Lived in Bradenton for 30 yrs...........Now Washington State!!!!!

    and love every day here!!!!
  17. PontiAddict

    PontiAddict New Member

    In Sarasota, about 70 miles south of Tampa.
  18. jbird

    jbird New Member

    Orlando Fl. Born and raised!
  19. jgalantine

    jgalantine New Member

    Jacksonville Florida

    Just bought my first Chevy Truck. Leaving a Benz 260 for a 03 Silverado Longbed Regular Cab 4x4

    Here's a pic of the old girl going on to a final resting place.


    RIP baby!
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  20. BowTieOgre

    BowTieOgre New Member

    Pensacola here.

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