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Discussion in 'FL - Central & South Florida' started by James's_06_Silverado, May 14, 2007.

  1. living in sunny south florida around ft. lauderdale area!
  2. mustangp51

    mustangp51 New Member

    I'm in Jax and have 90 chevy half ton pu.... currently have rear end probs... looking for rebuild or bolt in replacement rear end with disc brakes would be a plus Cal
  3. MiDiablo

    MiDiablo Member

    I'm in the Tampa Bay area... I live in Holiday (34690), but work in Tampa (33606). I'm all over the map though, from Springhill/Brooksville (north) all the way down to St. Pete (south) and as far east as Brandon even!

    Bought my '06 Silverado brand new on 6-6-06 with 6 miles on it. Now I've got just over 44k, and still love the truck like it was brand new (it treats me so damn well; how couldn't I?)!! Mine's a "W/T" model with the lil ole 4.3L V6 - and I still get close to 20mpg (18ish on average), even on 22" rims/tires!!

  4. dropmech

    dropmech New Member

    Coconut Creek with my 06 Hoe
  5. PontiAddict

    PontiAddict Rockstar

    I think someone needs to setup a pinned google map for this thread!!
  6. SilveradoStud

    SilveradoStud New Member

    St. Petersburg, FL (Tampa Bay area)
  7. MiDiablo

    MiDiablo Member

    Right down the road from me :glasses:
  8. Maximous

    Maximous Rockstar

    out here in Navarre for about three more months
  9. MiDiablo

    MiDiablo Member

    Looks like I'm relocating...

    Brooksville here I come!
  10. SilveradoPete

    SilveradoPete New Member

    Jersey Shore Boy now living in the "Mountains" of Florida, the "Gem of the Hills". Clermont to be exact. :lol:

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