Flowmaster and front end protection

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by NorCalDefense, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. NorCalDefense

    NorCalDefense New Member

    Hey everyone!
    Just ordered up my new Flowmaster kit from Summit Racing (Flowmaster part #17428) . Not the best price but I like the company. My next goodie will probably be a brush guard or a bull bar. I like the Go Rhino 7000 series brush guards but forkin out 800 or more bucks is not worth it. A bull bar could be nice but so far trying to find a few pics of them installed is like pulling teeth! My only requirements arethat it is Stainless Steel and that if it is a brush guard I do not like the look of how some wrap around the contours of the headlights... Looks ugly IMHO Any ideas??? And is there anything that keeps the factory tow hooks intact? I have been looking pretty hard, but choices seem to be kinda limited (call me picky lol) The best I have found so far is the Force Automotive Assault bars. http://www.forceautomotive.com/assault-new3.htm

    Any ideas would be much appreciated! Thanks! And I will get some pics up, hopefully, soon.

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  2. Pete95Sierra

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  3. NorCalDefense

    NorCalDefense New Member

    Thank you for your feedback and I have looked at the Westins, but one of the big issues is the strength factor. It looks good and I am sure it can stand up to a shopping cart, but how about something bigger? Has anyone had the chance to test how strong the Westin Bull Bar is? (And hopefully came away with no injuries) lol
  4. finalday7

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    I believe westin has one of the strongest bull bars available. Westin makes great products that not only look good but last as well.
  5. Pete95Sierra

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    yea the Westins are definitely strong enough and will last a while
  6. NorCalDefense

    NorCalDefense New Member

    Thanks a lot for posting guys! I will probably go for the Westin Stainless. I also got the Flowmaster on this weekend and I am impressed, sounds very good. :party: I don't think I could have lasted very long with a real truck and a quiet exhaust! Thanks again for yall's opinions

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