flowmaster super 40 vs. super 44

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by 89suburban350, Jul 10, 2007.

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    ok so i got glasspacks on my 350 TBI and am not happy at all with the sound... after all the "which muffler?" posts it comes down to these 2 mufflers. the flowmaster super 40 and the newest flowmaster super 44. now i am in love with the way the super 40's sound on a SBC 350 but i haven't heard the 44's on a SBC 350 but from everyone is telling me it is an equivalent to a glasspack in loudness.. i dont want god awful loud i want nice deep quiet rumble outside the car and inside because i enjoy the sound of the pipes inside the car and i also i do not want this to sound like a truck i want it to sound like a respectable muscle car. so which one out of the 2?
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    I have no idea, isn't there a site where you can hear the difference?
    Maybe on the Flowmaster site :neutral:
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    I have the 40 series on my 5.3, they sound good, "as well"... My buddy has a '03-'04 Z71 w/ the 44 series.... It does sound a lot different... Unlike mine, due to the chamber size, and the difference in engine combinations...Mine has a kinda graffley suttle idle---but yet can still be heard, and when i'm riding, it can be heard, in and out of the cab, but when i get on it, it has a higher pitch tone it "and no neither get annoying, it all depends on what you are looking for", but not like you hear some others....with the poppy, crackling sound...My buddy with the 44 series, is a lill bit louder, but has a good tone, kinda mellowed out....Flowmaster is a good choice, Ive also had magnaflows, and you can go to their website and listen to their products....Flowmasters flow better, and last longer then any other brand "from what i've had"....they have been stainless for a while...And i know what ya mean about the cherry bombs---annoying, and attracted too much att'n. You're other option could be to call muffler shops, and just ask around...Any ways, good luck...

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