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Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by tbplus10, Mar 6, 2014.

  1. tbplus10

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    Anyone been doing much reading on this?
    Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 126, not a new regulation, passed in 2006.
    Unfortunately most of the affects of this standard werent understood until recently, and many vehicle enthusiasts still arent aware it affects them and the aftermarket products their using on new trucks.
    I couldnt begin to accurately describe this standard, if you own a new or newer truck that you plan on modifying the brakes or suspension I would advise you familiarize yourself with this regulation.
    As it stands there are no penalties for violation at this point, but we all know our goverment doesnt put anything in place unless they plan on beating we the people with it.
    Take note of lift kits and lift spacers especially for 2014 and up trucks. & Regulations/Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
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    There are those here who will find that "stimulating reading!" I personally, don't! I did scan over it, and got the jist of it! I'm pretty sure that Freightliner has it on the newer trucks! Now that I think about it, all the newer big trucks have it! If you take an off ramp too fast ,the truck will throttle down and use the jake brake to slow you down! Its an eerie feeling when the vehicles doing things you didn't tell it to do!
  3. Pikey

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    I can't say I enjoyed reading it, but there was a lot of good info. basically, what I got from it is that every vehicle made after Sept 1, 2011 must be equipped with some sort of "stabilitrac". Reading it, the only problem I can see with lift kits is the same as we have had to deal with for years. That would be adjusting the computer for the correct tire size. This would tell the computer the correct wheel speeds. I am pretty sure that the yaw monitoring system would not be affected by a lift kit. I think that I did read that the standard requires a button to shut the system off. Heck, it sounds like this system can make lifted trucks safer.
  4. the phantom

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    Yeah I also can not see where aftermarket products added to our trucks violate this.. It just appears the manufacturer is required to follow these guidelines and not the consumer after the original sale.. Does this mean that it will become illegal for the SVM or special vehicle manufacture that has contracts with GM(like my Rocky Ridge Truck)that they are no longer allowed to lift the trucks because of this?? I wonder if they were allowed to do it in the past because of the percentage of vehicles it was allowed on.

    Ive also had cops tell me that any modification to factory specs (larger wheels, even DOT approved lights) are illegal to put on a vehicle.. A cop pulled me over last year telling me that my DOT approved smoked LED taillight were illegal.. Didnt get a ticket but just wanted me to know.
  5. tbplus10

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    I understand how you guys feel about something like this and what your saying, as an offroad enthusiast and owner of a few lifted trucks myself I agree with your views.

    I was kinda hoping ya'll would google FMVSS 126 so you could see some of the hits you get and it might help to understand where the aftermatket stands on this.
    I certainly agree after reading what I could find about FMVSS 126 I couldnt understand how it would affect me, but after seeing the aftermarket response I feel theres something Im reading but not fully understanding. 126
  6. ChevyFan

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    I was in a 2010 van recently that had this warning light go off for a minute. Had no clue what it was until I looked it up ... I thought it was a cool option or something ... Not a federal mandate.

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