fog light/ driving light bypass?

Discussion in 'GM Electrical Tech' started by jeffz0rz, Feb 6, 2010.

  1. jeffz0rz

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    looking for a "how to" on getting my fog lights, and possibly my driving lights, to stay on when i turn on my high beams. anybody seen anything like this floating around here ? i searched for something like this but came up empty handed. im running 55 watt HIDs in my driving lits, same in my high beams and 35watt HID's in my fogs (55's melted the fog lights last time). any help would be great
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    i have seen some some kits on for mid 90 chevy trucks for the low beam to sty on with the high beams maybe you can find some thing on that web site
  3. Stealth

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  4. jeffz0rz

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    yeah that mod worries me. ill have to do some more searching or something
  5. Dillon

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    the factory light melt the housing i have a certified trucks i got with 34,000 mile 12 mo.bumper to bumper and 100,000 power and the dealer said they cant install new house cause they will just do it again chevy said NO on the housing so i installed LED's in th[​IMG]em = no heat.....[​IMG][​IMG]
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    I've always used the diode method... It's actually very safe if you do it correctly... Essentially all you're doing is jumping the "activation" lead on the relays... It's not sending a lot of power to it, just enough to activate the relay. I have this done to my Av... When my High Beams are activated, my Low Beams and Fog Lights stay on with my High Beams. I also have a mod that keeds my DRL's on all the time. I've been running this set-up in my Av ever since I got it with absolutely NO problems...


    It depends on what model year truck you have also, the older ones can't be done as easily.

    Here's the link to the PDF file that a member of the Avalanche Forum made. Headlight Mod Alot of guys have been running this mod for years with no problems. And some of them are doing it with HIDs...
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    Any idea where I can find diagrams to help me do this to my truck?
  10. TritonBoulder47

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    THe link I provided is a PDF file that explains it for an Av... Although it won't be exactly the same, it will give you the idea... It's just runing a diode between the activation or trigger post of the relay...

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