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Discussion in 'Lighting Discussion' started by JayDawg, Mar 7, 2014.

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    Hey all, I just bought a 2011 Silverado 1500 Z71 4X4 Crew Cab last night. The thing is fully loaded and I totally love it. I traded in my 2007 Toyota Tacoma on it but the one thing I really liked about my Tacoma was that I had the fog light mod done to it that allows me to have the fog lights on whenever I want them to be on. With high beams, low beams or even the headlights off. How do I do the same mod on my Silverado?
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    I am sure that some companies sell a relay kit to do that, check summit. For the 00-2006 trucks it was as simple as installing a diode from the high beam relay trigger to the low beam trigger and then across to the fog trigger. I am not sure that it will work on the new trucks.
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