Fog Lights?

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by vnslykrx, Aug 24, 2011.

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    I've seen someone on here a while ago who had a 03-05ish
    (can't remember exact year, all I remember was it was either black or dark green) and they installed
    fog lights
    inside the grille, and I think it would look cool on my 1998, I was just wondering how complicated, pricey, and if it will even work with my
    . My trans cooler is (I think? The little radiator looking thing on the front of the radiator) in a not so good place, so I'm not sure if I could make them fit. If they would fit, what brands do you recommend, what sizes, halogens, no halogens, what should I do? I don't want to go too all out on it, I just don't want to get them and have them be POS's and break within a couple months. Thanks for your help! Let me know if I'm in the wrong place and I'll move it, thanks. I posted this in the wrong section and I can't figure out how to delete so sorry for the repost :p
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    I put fogs in the grille of my '07 Classic and my '08 NNBS. The Classic had 2 tabs at the lower part of the grille that worked perfect for the light mounting bolts. The NNBS just seemed the top part of the grille worked best for my application. If you search on the forum for "lights behind the grille" you should find the thread. With your body style I would space them out just past the bow tie on the bottom (if there is room)

    TELORVEHC Rockstar 4 Years 1000 Posts a search, there's multiple threads about this mod on the forum. As for what lights to get, look for a light that is relatively shallow so it will behind the grill and still have room in front of the radiator. KC, Hella and PIAA all make quality lights, check online for good prices.
  4. reggiecab2000

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    just like these guys said there are some posts on this site with (behind the grill) lights

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