Foggy Bumper Lights Trick

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by kjb13, Mar 7, 2010.

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    I just finished putting new Anzo headlights in my '97 Silverado and wanted to try cleaning up the bumper lights, since the new headlights REALLY made the bumper lights look BAD. Thought I'd try something that I hadn't seen on the different forums, or maybe I just missed it. I used Maguires polishing compound and also tried Maguires Scratch-X. I put the compound on the lens first and then laid a clean terry cloth over the light. Then I put my electric DA sander over the cloth and used light to moderate pressure on the DA. Within a very short time, 30 seconds to a minute, the lenses looked really good. With a little more time, maybe when it's a little nicer, I think they could look even better. Be careful when using the DA, as the cloth tries to move around a little and you might hit the lens with the DA pad. I left the sandpaper on the DA so it would bite into the cloth a little better. As usual I never think to take before and after pics, until the after part. Not much point in it then.

    Let me know if anyone else has tried this, or tries this in the future. I'd be interested in your results.

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