Folding soft tonneau cover for sale

Discussion in 'General Classifieds' started by Ttomes, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. Ttomes

    Ttomes Member

    Have a tonneau cover for a long bed. This cover is in great shape. Clamps on to bed rails and can be installed or removed in less than 5 minutes. Stays taught, looks good. Here are a couple pics of it on my 98 sclb.



    Price is $150 firm. Shipping would be extra and I imagine it might be expensive because of the size.
  2. 06piney

    06piney Rockstar 100 Posts

    where are you shipping it from??
  3. Ttomes

    Ttomes Member

    I am in eastern NC. Hampstead, NC 28443
  4. yumpoo

    yumpoo New Member

    Do u still have tonneau?
  5. Ttomes

    Ttomes Member


    yes, I do still have it.
  6. Ttomes

    Ttomes Member


    I still have the tonneau cover for sale. Let me know if you have an interest in it.
  7. Sierra23

    Sierra23 New Member

    where are you located?
  8. Ttomes

    Ttomes Member

    I am sorry it took so long to respond, had a death in the family and have been out of state for a while.
    Yes, I still have the tonneau and I am located in North Carolina.

    LOWER_88_STEPSIDE New Member

    I need alot but not that do you have anything for 1988 to 1995 engine and 5 speed tranny is where I am starting.

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