Folow up on 8/21/06 Transfer Case post. More questions. [Expired Topic]

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    Well, my entire transfer case system was shot. I now have new TC, acuator motor, control module, differential motor, etc. (About $2800 altogether) No point in going halfway. Probably committed myself to this tow vehicle for life (which may not be that long...I'm 70). Use it to tow my trailer and that's about it. New problem, though. I've used 4WD a couple of time since all fixed and no problems. However, last time I used it, the 4WD indicator light began blinking furiously when I went into 4WD. Back to 2WD, no blinking. It does not seem to affect anything, but it is quite irritating. Took back to local dealer who kept it for a day, says he has no idea why it error code shows up in diagnostic. My favorite mechanic through up his hands as well. Switched a few parts around, still blinks, so doesn't think it's any of the new parts. Everything shifts properly. Called a so-called expert and he was very nice...suggested a couple of things. Sometimes a new transfer case has a code that might be different from the original and module may not recognize this code even tho everything works. No harm, no foul. Another possibility is a difference in tire inflations....and the different "roll-out" on the tires causes the computer module to react. I do run different inflations....80 in rear and 60 in front...when pulling trailer, and they have not leveled out since my last trip. Going to try that's cheap. Any other ideas out there?
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    RE: Folow up on 8/21/06 Transfer Case post. More questions.

    Not familiar with your previous post but could it be something as simple as the bulb in the indicater?
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