For all having ac problems after a battery change this may help

Discussion in 'GM Electrical Tech' started by littlerichard, May 30, 2010.

  1. littlerichard

    littlerichard New Member

    Recently i had a problem with the ac blowing engine bay temp in place of my ac and it puzzled me because no computer was messed up and nothing was wrong i just unplugged the battery and it didnt work any more.

    after making some calls to shops and such they said that it would cost me 400 at least to fix and to me this was complete bull$hit so i made a call to an old neighbor and he told me the trick that will get it back working

    As crazy as this sounds you take both leads off the battery and hold them to each other for 30 seconds this fixes the problem because the ac works on a positive iode (diode?) system and it will reset your entire system and the air will work again:great:
  2. mseybold

    mseybold New Member

    Thanks that fixed mode door operation from being opposite of rail. No heat to rear yet.
  3. 98Subdriver

    98Subdriver New Member

    WOW! What a cool post! While I've yet to try it, this is the only place we'll ever find something like this. I've got a REAL problem with my power door locks since I - changed a battery! - and I've been stymied since. No dealer has been able to help me. The locks just lock and unlock themselves constantly until the battery is dead. REALLY WIERD stuff! I just purchased and installed a new "master door switch" for $98 on the advice of several "experts" and that didn't solve the problem. I'll try this and see if it fixes BOTH my AC and door locks!

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