For Sale: 285/70-17 Tires

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    For Sale:

    Four Michelin LTX M/S 2 tires 285/70-17 Load Range D

    Less than 900 miles on them. They are rated for 70,000 miles. Still has blue stuff left on the while letters, and the little tag things (tread wear indicators?) are still on the tires (in the grooves, on the shoulders, and sidewalls).
    Featuring Green X low resistance technology

    Looking to get $850. Over $1000 new.

    Im located at Blacksburg, VA and Branchburg, NJ. The tires are currently with me in VA, but I am headed home to NJ on friday and I can take the tires home or leave them here depending on who's interested. I can upload pictures if intersted.

    Soon for sale: 1.5" aluminum spacers, Ford torsion bar keys, and most likely the extended length Bilstein shocks

    Thanks for looking!
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    Have any pictures????
  3. tav8ws6

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    I can get some for you tonight. Penny in tread as well. Only have the tires left for sale.
  4. tav8ws6

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    IMG_0192.jpg IMG_0193.jpg IMG_0194.jpg IMG_0195.jpg IMG_0196.jpg IMG_0197.jpg IMG_0198.jpg IMG_0199.jpg IMG_0200.jpg IMG_0201.jpg

    Let me know if you'd like to know anything else!
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