For Sale 97 Silverado

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    Never thought I'd sell her but it's time.

    1997 Chevy Silverado X-Cab, 5.0 111,xxx miles. New tires have 20 miles them. Has just been serviced, Oil change, coolant flush, Trans flush, Fuel service. Brakes are 1 year old, about 5000 miles on them. Wife wants a bigger camper so I got a GMC 2500. KBB is 5080.00 asking 4500.00

    tammy 007.jpg
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  2. hishiad

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    Sharp truck, you might want to list a price though lol!!!

    BASSIST Rockstar 100 Posts

    OOPS Fixed LOL
  4. hishiad

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    I think I'm going to be sick, why did you post the price!!! LOL Not 3 weeks ago I was looking. Your truck looks better taken care of and has a lot less miles. I'm guessing it's the C1500 and just 2WD though right?

    Either way nice looking truck post a few more pics if you got them! I'm sure for that sort of money if someone on here in your area is looking it'll get sold.
  5. Red Z71 Max

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    Nice looking truck. Good luck with the sale!!!

    BASSIST Rockstar 100 Posts

    Sold. Can someone delete this thread?

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