For Sale: Completely Rebuilt Throttle Body From 1995 C1500 4.3 Engine

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    I pulled this GM OEM TBI off my truck and completely disassembled and rebuilt it this spring. It has a new IAC, new Throttle position sensor, new fuel pressure regulator, rebuilt fuel injectors, new O rings and is clean and ready to bolt on. It is set up for the throttle cable and cruise control cable. I hooked it back up and it ran beautifully. I didn't know it, but my family had ordered a brand new custom built TBI for me, so I pulled this one off, boxed it up and put it in my shop. I put the new one on (can't tell 5% difference after running it 3 months) and realized I will never need this TBI I rebuilt. It is a GM stock set up for the 4.3 and auto transmission. Even after buying the gasket package, the components, and rebuild kits for the fuel injectors and fuel regulator at Rock Auto I spent over $100. I will sell it for $125. I recommend changing the fuel filter before installing. Also, whenever I disconnect the negative battery cable (like for installing this TBI) after hook up I start it and idle it at 1200 RPM for 2 minutes. It sets the idle around 600 RPM steady. Came off my 1995 4.3 but will fit many other years and models, just check Haynes, or Chiltons, or Google it.


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