For Sale: Silverado C/K1500 Truck Parts

Discussion in 'Chevy Parts eBay' started by Moe2.0T, Feb 3, 2011.

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    Hi All -

    I have for sale, some parts to fit older model Chevrolet C/K1500 Pickup Trucks:

    1: 1 New-In-Box Rubber Exhaust Insulator. This was purchased for fitment to a 1994 K-1500 Silverado, Extended Cab with 5.7L V-8. Should fit any 1994-1999 Chevrolet or GMC Extended Cab pickup with 5.7L V-8. Asking $20.00

    2. 1 New-in-Box replacement Chevrolet Bow-Tie grille emblem. Also purchased for fitment to 1994 K-1500 Silverado. Should fit any 1994-1999 Chevrolet Full-Sized Pickup or SUV. Asking $25.00

    3. 1 OEM Original black air-cleaner cover from 1994 Chevrolet Silverado K-1500 pickup, 5.7L V-8. In VG Condition. Should fit all PRE-VORTEC 5.7L V8 air cleaner housings. Was removed from my silverado when I purchased a chrome air cleaner cover for the truck. Asking $25.00

    4. 1 White-Faced gauge package (with Indiglo Night light) for fitment to 1999 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT with 5.3L V-8. Asking $25.00

    Any interested parties should email me at the following address:, as I do not frequent this forum regularly. I can provide pictures if needed.

  2. Moe2.0T

    Moe2.0T New Member

    Bump Up - Would like these parts Gone!!

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