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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by Darknesss23, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. Darknesss23

    Darknesss23 Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts

    What wax and other wash/wax/shine products do you use on your vehicle?

    My truck is black and I've found that the TURTLE WAX BLACK BOX has been the way to go! If not this product then definitely Maguire's. I also from time to time will use a clay bar and Zaino Dual Action paint cleaner and swirl remover! TurtleWax_BlackBox.jpg Z-PC.jpg
  2. ntbush83

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    I'm a big fan of the lucas oil speed wax! Of course thats just for quick detailing. For real waxing I use turtle wax as well. I always wanted to try the clay bar but heard it was a job. Is it worth it?
  3. Bigbomber

    Bigbomber Rockstar 4 Years 5000 Posts

    Turtle wax,Turtle wax bug & tar remover,and Rain X car wash.
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  4. Greg84

    Greg84 Rockstar 100 Posts

    I really like the results with all the zaino products. My only gripe is it takes way too long to do! I like my truck, but I've got other stuff to do besides spend an entire day waxing my truck every couple of months. I see they've got some new products out now that might go faster, but a couple years ago when I did it I think it was washing and then 3 steps of different polishes which each took an hour or two to fully dry. This summer I picked up some Turtle wax ice liquid polish and I like that, it doesn't get white junk all over the trim and I can wash, dry, wax, and buff my truck in about an hour and a half so it doesn't take all day to do. The only downside is it only lasts maybe 2 months before it needs to be re-applied.
  5. canislupis69

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    I tried the Turtle Wax black box also and love it. It is the best I have found so far for a black truck, but it does take quite a while to do. If I am going to wash, clay bar and do the black box I have to set the entire day aside.
  6. Darknesss23

    Darknesss23 Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts

    Clay bar is totally worth it. It's one thing to stand there with a sponge and wash your truck to clean it... it gets out all the bigger stuff... but when you clay bar it and do it right you literally feel the clay bar picking up all the stuff you THOUGHT you got with the sponge. and your coat of wax that you apply after looks better and lasts much longer. The important thing to remember is that it does take some time and patience. You don't want to speed your way through it. if you do (as I've learned the hard way) you could potentially leave streaks of clay bar on your truck (comes off easy with the clay bar) giving you more work to do.

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    agreed but when you're done... its kind of worth it... unless it rains the next day lol

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    I've never tried the full line of Zaino. Just the dual action polish swirl remover. I used this stuff on my 1996 dodge ram and after that and waxing it really became the cleanest dodge ram of that body style in town. love this stuff
  7. pmf608

    pmf608 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    I think the clay bar is well worth while, even though it is time consuming. I do a full detail with a meguiars clay bar, and the meguiars deep crystal system (cleaner, polish, carnauba wax) once or twice a year. Between detailings, i follow up every wash with meguiars ultimate quik detailer to keep up the shine.

    Once I run out of the deep crystal stuff, I think I'm going to switch to a synthetic wax. The deep crystal system is so waxy that it gums up detailing cloths more than any other detailing products I've ever used.
  8. 1flyfisher

    1flyfisher Rockstar 4 Years 100 Posts

    I use the Klasse twins, Klasse All in One and Klasse Sealant Glaze as my sealants. They are both excellent and I highly recommend them. Hard as nails long lasting protection.
    I also purchased Finish Kare-FK1-1000P but I haven't tried it yet.
    I use Griot's Shampoo and meguire's Gold Car wash. I will be going to the meguire's since it is so good and inexpensive.
    Groit's wheel cleaner the green stuff on my chrome wheels.
    I use Poor Boy's Wheel Sealant on my chrome American Racing Assaults and chrome trim bumpers.
    303 Aerospace Protectant on the outside plastic trim and the plastic interior and dash.
    Meguier's Clay Kit
    Stoner's Invisible Glass cleaner and their Reach and Clean glass cleaning tool.

    I think that's all the products I use. LOL I just bought a new 2010 GMC Savana AWD and dropped $300+ on products.
    Also some great waffle weave towels I got online and some good micro fiber towels i got from Walmart.

    I have to get out and wash and wax/sealant and get my vehicle ready and protected for winter,,,,before it gets to cold,,,,maybe tomorrow.

    I highly recommend all the above products except the griot's shampoo and the griot's wheel cleaner. They are both excellent products and work great but they are just too expensive and the meg's gold class car shampoo is excellent and you can get a big fat jug at wall world for $5. The griot's wheel cleaner works great but I will try a Meguiar's or Mother's next as i think I can find a better value, better bang for my buck over the counter.
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  9. vms4evr

    vms4evr Rockstar 100 Posts

    Zaino is probably the standard all others should be compared too. That stuff rocks. But you best have a lot of time to dedicate to it. I used to be a big time waxer. Have a Z06 that was just beautimous! Now it is a track - road race car and looks ugly... When I was going wax crazy I couldn't resist using Zaino. It would take a chunk of Saturday and Sunday to do a complete job inside and out. Man did that thing shine!!! Zaino has about the highest opacity, ergo, shine you can get. It does last quite a while since it is a polymer. Waxing is nice, but terribly old school, and wears off too quick.

    If you haven't done a clay bar on your truck and really want a deep shine and clean. You need to start with the clay bar and get all the crap out of the paint. Then build up layers of polish and sealer. How many layers is up to you. A good setup should last 2-3 months. So you trade off a big work effort for a long time before the next go around. Clay bar once every year or two.

    I haven't tried the latest Zaino that is supposedly putting several steps into one. Those guys make a fine product and it works. You need very little of it. The thinner you spread it the better. So it does last. Even going waxer crazy on the Vette the kit lasted over a year. I also did some prep and clean up on some friends cars with the same kit.

    I'm curious about some of these newer ones. I've heard mixed opinions on some of the Turtle Wax products. Meguiars is good for all around use and easy to find.
  10. murdog94

    murdog94 Epic Member 5+ Years 5000 Posts

    I used the orange plain jane bottle of Once a year polish, and my soft buffing pad, since my hands dont really work well enough to polish like i would like, so i use the buffing pad (not an orbital buffer mind you) and put the wax on and work it in, and it lasts about 3 months doing it like that, and usually i will do a good detail before the snow falls here and it will last all the way thru the winter. Thanks to the rain, and crap on the roads up here this is actually the cheapest and quickest way to keep my truck looking great, and i have heard about the clay bar and seen its results, but as mentioned i dont have the hands for it anymore. And using the buffer gets rid of the scapes and scratches that i pick up from taking my truck all over the place.

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