For trade for stock setup: Rancho 4" lift, 20" Rockstar wheels, MFG M/Ts

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    Purchased new and installed in April 2010, I have a Rancho 4" suspension lift, 20" chrome Rockstar wheels, and BFG M/Ts in VA (23665) for trade for a stock Z71 suspension/wheel/tire setup for the Second-gen Silverados (coming off a 2008) plus some cash, which is negotiable depending on how new/mileage your setup has.

    30K miles on it all -- tires are still in good shape, easily will get another 15K out of them and probably more, obviously you pay a premium on BFG M/Ts for the mileage and life you get out of them. Wheels have no pitting but could use a good polish. Actual height raised by the suspension lift prior to putting new wheels/tires on was about 5", so with the tires is was a good 5.5+" taller than stock, not quite 6" taller.

    Setup is still on my truck, so we will work those details out if you're interested in trading. Reason I need to go back to stock is for use of my bed -- with current setup I have to tow a trailer to and from the track on the other end of the state instead of just throwing my motorcycle in the bed of my truck.

    Contact me here or shoot me a text at 719-964-1343 to discuss. Note, pics attached were at time of installation, so no, the tires are no longer brand new as they are pictured here. If you're interested, I'll take some updated pics close-up. P4250345.jpg P4250346.jpg P4250347.jpg
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    Disregard, no longer in the market. Apparently the installation of this kit required cutting 3" of the frame off the differential drop, so once that's done this truck can not be put back to stock suspension.

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    how much did your lift and wheels and tires cost you when you originally got them?

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