FORD Acronyms

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    Ford Acronyms:

    Fix Or Repair Daily
    Found On Road Dead
    Backwards... Driver Returns On Foot
    Backwards... Dorks Ride On Fords
    Factory Ordered Road Disaster
    Factory Ordered Rebuilt Dodge(Datsun)
    Flip Over Read Directions
    Four Old Rusted Doors
    Fixed On Race Day
    Ford Owner Really Dumb
    For Only Retarded Drivers
    Ford Owners Recommend Dodge
    Flipped Over Russian Dunebuggy
    Found On Russian Dump
    For Off Road Death
    it Freaking Only Runs Downhill
    Fat Old Rusted Dog
    Freaking Old Rusted Dodge(Datsun)
    Frigin Oakies Really Dig it
    Funky Old Road Dog
    Found On Roadside's Destroyed
    Backwards...Don't Ride Over Fifty
    Fixed-up Old Repossesed Dodge
    Found Old Rebuilt Dodge
    Forget OutRunning Dale
    Found On Railroad Deserted
    Found On Railroad Dead
    Fools Only Read Directions
    First On Repair Dolly
    Favorite Of Redneck Drivers
    Backwards- Dumb Retards Own Fords
    Funny Old Rebuilt Dodge
    Fast Only Rolling Downhill
    Found On Russian Dump
    Forfiet On Race Day
    Found On River Dead
    Failure Of Research & Development

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    This is one that you missed, for all the Nascar fans out there.

    First On Race Day
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    i didnt think the list would ever end
  4. CarpenterGuy

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    lol yeah right. lets not lie

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