Ford And GM Team Up To Co-Design New Transmissions

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    According to a report in The New York Times and Automotive News, GM and Ford are designing nine and 10-speed automatic transmissions that will be used across both brands. According to the reports, both companies began working on the transmission program early this year, and according to sources, they are in the design phase an won’t be ready for production until sometime before 2015. The companies are most likely playing catch-up to Chrysler’s ZF eight-speed transmission that is already available in 2013 Dodge Rams. Studies have shown that eight and nine speed transmissions help improve fuel economy on pickups.
    But this is not the first time GM and Ford have partnered on a project. Both companies made a transmission pact back in 2002, allowing them to work together on a family of six-speed automatic transmissions for vehicles like the Ford Fusion and Escape, and the Chevrolet Malibu. Read the article in Automotive News.

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    Sweet! I see a Yukon XL getting 30 mpg in the future

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