Ford Apologizes for Offensive Ads

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by SurrealOne, Mar 25, 2013.

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    Ford India Figo Ads - Sexist - Paris Hilton - Michael Schumacher - Silvio Berlusconi

    WOW, how could these be real ads? Seriously, who would approve this? I mean, I'm not really in-tune with the Indian buyers mindset on what features they need in a vehicle, but can having the ability to have three busty women tied up in your hatchback be on most buyer's list of must-have amenities?

    Actually, now that I've read the story a bit more, they're tongue-in-cheek ads designed to make fun the situations that the driver is in. The first one features someone who looks like sex-crazed Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, the second shows a Paris Hilton figure with some Kardashians in the trunk, and the third shows Michael Schumacher taking Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso, and Lewis Hamilton for a ride.

    ford-figo-sexist-print-ad-starring-silvio-berlusconi.jpg ford-figo-sexist-print-ad-starring-paris-hilton.jpg ford-figo-sexist-print-ad-starring-michael-schumacher.jpg
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    those aren't ads that you see everyday, now are they? :lol:

    maybe it was more of a pr stunt instead of an actual set of ads. i mean they are just character drawings like you might get down at the state fair, so they dont have a lot of money invested in these things.
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    I dont know Id kind of like yo see the car with paris hilton and the kartrashians flying off a seaside clff into shark infested waters. But I would feel bad about the sharks getting stomach aches from that rotten food.
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    I want one... [​IMG]
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    How could they fail to forsee there'd be backlash from ads that could be construed to show kidnapping/rape? Sure, such construction lacks context, but that's the point -- the general public wouldn't see them in the context for which they were intended.

    Astonishing, really. Not the content ... that doesn't bug or shock me. Rather, the inability to anticipate what would happen ... and make better choices to avoid it ... is what shocks me.
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    Surreal have you traveled much overseas?
    In many countries and India is one of the worst advertisers use shock value in their advertising to catch the publics attention. Many time youll see ads that you know would never be allowed in the U. S. for various reasons.
    In Australia one of my favorite beer comercial ads started out with a guy stomping the stuffing out of 2 other guys he stops looks at the camera and says thats why I like to drink xyz beer they make a stronger bottle for defending yourself in a fight oh yea they also make a helluva good beer for cooling doen after your done.
    Never see that in the USA.

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