Ford asked GM to stop running Super Bowl Commercials!

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  1. ChevyFan

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    Thoughts on this everyone?

    DETROIT – Last evening Chevrolet was asked by Ford Motor Co. to stop showing its Super Bowl commercial for the Silverado, the longest-lasting, most-dependable full-size pickup on the road.

    The good-humored ad, called “2012”, shows the Silverado navigating a completely over-the-top, outrageous version of the devastation and destruction predicted to occur this year by the Mayan calendar includes giant attack robots, meteors and frogs falling from the sky.

    A group of friends, who are Silverado owners, makes its way to the designated meeting spot but notice one of their buddies is missing. The missing friend, however, did not drive a Chevrolet. Instead, he drove a Ford and doesn’t appear to have made it to the meeting point.

    “We stand by our claims in the commercial, that the Silverado is the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickup on the road. The ad is a fun way of putting this claim in the context of the apocalypse,” said General Motors Global Chief Marketing Officer Joel Ewanick. “We can wait until the world ends, and if we need to, we will apologize. In the meantime, people who are really worried about the Mayan calendar coming true should buy a Silverado right away.”

    The Silverado ad will run in the first quarter of the Super Bowl and is one of five spots that Chevrolet is debuting on Super Bowl Sunday. To see all of the spots visit:

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  2. Drake_korthos

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    Oh Ford needs to lighten up! Of course I'd be pretty butt hurt if almost every major car company was bashin my product (Chevy, Dodge, and even Toyota!). Don't get mad, get even! Make yer own dern commercial!
  3. Red Z71 Max

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    Well Goverment motors is sparing no expense when it comes to their commercials. I expect to see this commercial every 15 minutes for the next year on every channel. LOL:lol:
  4. SurrealOne

    SurrealOne Former Member ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    Heh. :rofl:
  5. Coach24

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    CAnt wait for the Superman commercial when he opens his shirt to expose a huge BOWTIE. Then he flies in and saves a family fom buying a f&^d
  6. AMac

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    I'm just happy the Super Bowl commercials weren't plastered with Ford commercials, It's about time Chevy slaps Ford in the face
  7. dsfloyd

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    I thought the silverado commercial was funny. I called the ford comment when they were missing one of their friends. Ford asking them to stop running the ad is just payback for when Ford was running the actual customer press conference ads and one of the commercials featured a guy that only referenced GM by saying he was happy he wasnt buying a vehicle that was bailed out by the government. GM (and the gov.) complained and Ford wussed out and pulled the ad (I think they should have run the ad 3x as much). Hopefully Chevy keeps running this one.
  8. Coach24

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    Only thing better would have been showing a destroyed F150 in the commercial
  9. Caddiac

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    I loved that commercial! It was better than Madonna's half time show by far.
  10. Coach24

    Coach24 Rockstar 3 Years 5000 Posts

    Caddi? is that you man? Hope all is well and glad to see you posting again.:great:

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