Ford guy, new to Chevy - From South TX!

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by TxLTZz71, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. TxLTZz71

    TxLTZz71 New Member

    Well I have gone rogue... LOL

    Stepped outside the box and picked up a nice 07 Black 1500 Z71 LTZ with tan leather and Bose stereo.

    It's pretty stock with 73K miles but very well kept one owner. I have plans for dual flowmaster exhaust, leveling kit with 33" nittos, programmer, CAI, and weathertech floor mats.

    Anyway, I have owned 2 rangers, 3 F150s and 2 F250s, and one 2500HD (hated the older body style)

    I'll keep a watch out around here, pretty set in what I need and such but I'm sure I'll have a question along the way...
  2. chilax

    chilax Rockstar

    Welcome to the club! Lets see pics of your rig!!!
  3. sfdefender24

    sfdefender24 Rockstar 4 Years ROTM Winner 100 Posts

    another ford guy turning to chevy...welcome to the club bub.
  4. donyms

    donyms Epic Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    Welcome to the club, good luck with your project. I hope we are able to help you along the way.
  5. chevybulldog6

    chevybulldog6 Rockstar ROTM Winner 100 Posts

    It's always nice to see a Ford guy turn Chevy, LOL. Welcome to the club
  6. The Heater

    The Heater Rockstar 100 Posts

    Welcome to the forum. Ford makes good trucks too.
  7. AMac

    AMac Rockstar 3 Years GMTC Chick 500 Posts ROTM Winner

    Welcome to the club! You say you have the leather and the bose setup, so it can't be too stock. You'll have to join the black truck group now that you've fulfilled the requirements..hehe
  8. Red Z71 Max

    Red Z71 Max Rockstar 4 Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    Welcome to the Club!!!!!!:great:
  9. retired2001

    retired2001 Epic Member 5+ Years 5000 Posts

    Welcome to the G M T C ! I've owned several Fords in the past, but am "hooked" on Chevys now. Have fun!
  10. CobraAviTek

    CobraAviTek Member

    Welcome to GMTC! The model you picked up is good, the NBS trucks are awesome! I loved my 2003, sold it to my dad when I traded up to the NNBS, the only reason was that I was having a kid and thought the CC would be a better fit and I knew it would be the only new truck I'd get for at least another 10 years. Ford makes a good truck, but IMO there is absolutely nothing better than a Silverado or Sierra! Good to see another Texan, I'm originally from the RGV and San Antonio is one of my favorite places to visit when I can find the time to make it back to Texas.

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