Fords on Fire

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by Conlan Rose, Dec 2, 2012.

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    I'll tell you what causes it -- it's a FORD!
  3. mudpuppy

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    im betting it has something to do with the turbo system
  4. Conlan Rose

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    Exactly! I can't believe that the same engine has had three life threatening recalls. I know its a Ford, but come on how incompetent are these engineers.

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    Probably, I bet they don't shield vital components like fuel lines from the heat of the turbo.
  5. mudpuppy

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    shielding is usually a big 1. the thing is though, unlike real world mechanical engineers like me that focus more on improve current tech, they dont focus so much on cooling, air flow restrictions, long term use conditions, and proper timing. my 90 tbird sc from the factory had an inter-cooler that was to small and a normal timing program. due to such it would hit detonation at idle and wot. this was solved by making a dual inter-cooler system to flow 1200cfm and a new program for dual stage timing allowing up to 56degrees for wot. as stock the ic could only cool the air at idle to about 130f and wot 170ish. with the improvements and an ic fan it sits at 112f max in the summer heat and max flash of 130f for wot. now turbos produce far greater heat than blowers do so im sure thats the leading problem with the fires.
  6. tbplus10

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    Granted the article writer probably isnt an experienced mechanic but the article leaves me believing while Ford has an idea of the problem they arent sure whats really causing it.
    Flash heat from the turbo would be my first guess along with an insufficiently insulated fuel line.
    I read an article months back that during testing they had an issue with backfires blowing out through the turbo, this issue was attributed to a faulty design in the intake/exhaust valves and leaky intake gaskets changing the air fuel ratio and igniting from residual heat and friction, Ford staked a lot on this platform and to take the steps they have means it could be a serious problem for them if it doesnt get fixed correctly, quickly, and give consumers confidence, I dont think they have another engine package waiting in the wings to re-engine these cars and provide the advertised performance/mileage and this package was supposed to be used for a few more models.
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    Fords terrible. 03/04 cobras come of the line over spinning the alternator. All they had to do was put a 3 inch pulley on it. They dumb
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    maybe its`not FIRST ON RACE DAY anymore, but FIRE ON RACE DAY !!!!!!!!
    Brian from Canada.

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