Forklift driver roll call!!!

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by FergusonT, Jan 8, 2013.

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    Who here drives a forklift for a living? I drive a Yale Veracitor for Dr. Pepper Snapple Group. With my GPS speedo app on my phone I clocked it at 10mph in the parking lot. Good times.

    Once while loading a 32ft trailer with the tractor attached, I forgot to set the brakes on the tractor trailer. I went into the trailer and when I stopped the forklift the tractor trailer rolled out of the dock about 4 feet, I looked back as the truck rolled back to the dock because the ground slopes back to our docks.

    Another time I was driving full speed in a shadowy part of the warehouse where there are vertical steel support beams that go to the ceiling. One of the beams was hidden behind the right side mast of my forklift as I was driving, I slammed into it and got the fork stuck in the beam. Had to push it out with another forklift.

    I've been driving a forklift for about 13 years now. Nice to be behind the wheel of something for most of the day. And the fact that im used to steering with the rear tires, makes counter steering in my car/truck in the snow pretty easy and fun.
  2. Enkeiavalanche

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    I do at times.. A Reg one and we have a stand up.. I am Fork Lift Cert.....:great:
  3. bowaddict13

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    Sure do a new nissian and the a huge towmotor 4x4 lift for all the big stuff also certified for constrution site JCB and genie off road fork trucks. havent used those 2 in about 3 yrs though
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    We have a little Cat that I get to drive. We also have a walk behind omnilift. Have driven forklifts from 13 ton cap units down to the walk behind we currently have. Took a "crash" course a couple of weeks ago on using a JCB (might have been a telerx). I had never driven one but there was one on site and we needed to load some heavy Air Compressor intercoolers. Me thinking I can drive anything with wheels jump in and drive this thing. There were speed bumps between were we had the coolers staged and the low boy trailer they were to be loaded on. And there was a big Vac box trailer along the road also. AS I slowed to go over the speed bump I lost all forward motion and started to roll back. When I rolled back the skid I was carrying "rubbed" the side of the Vac Box. That wasn't bad enough but my manager and his boss were standing there watching the entire time. It took me a few minutes but I figured it out and the loading of the other 7 coolers was uneventful.
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    Here are my 2 Beasts.. I like the reach truck best But the power od Old Yeller is sweet too..:great:

    Photo-0401.jpg 9891.jpg And our new toy...

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