Formula 1 Starts Tonight

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by stephan, Mar 24, 2011.

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    The first practice for the F1 of Austrailia starts tonight 3-24-11 at 10:30 p.m. Pacific time on Speed Channel. Quali is tomorrow night (Fri) 3-25-11 at 11.p.m. The race is 3-26-11 Sat night @ 10:30 p.m. Pacific, & 3-27-11 Sunday morning @ 1:30 a.m in the Eastern time zone
    Anybody have a guess who will win the constructors championship this year ? McLaren? Ferrari? Red Bull? What about the drivers championship? Predictions?
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  2. adampaul1964

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    Cool, I thought I was the only F1 fan around here! I don't talk about it much because I didn't think anybody else cared! Ferrari fan here, I'm expecting them to be quick this year right from the start, of course being British I always root for British drivers, (except Lewis Hamilton!), last year I was really pulling for Jenson even though he drives for McLaren , which I can't stand!, wow.. I could go on for hours!! Have lot of respect for Vettel, he obviously has a lot of talent even if he did make a couple of bonehead moves last year. I'll be pulling for a Ferrari sweep, driver's and constructors championships, I think Alonso is going to be a lot tougher this year.
    I see that they have the KERS system back this year and new tire (tyre to F1 fans, lol) manufacturer, Pirelli, so it should be interesting.
    I don't know if you've ever seen a race live Stephan, but I was at the first U.S Grand Prix at Indianapolis back in 2000 and it was absolutely amazing! The sound and speed and braking of an F1 car is phenomenal to see in person, one of the greatest sounds I've ever heard was the sound of Schumacher's Ferrari echoing off the turn 1 grandstand roof as he came off the banking and down the front straight in the "wrong" direction! My Parents still live in England and they've been to the Monaco Grand Prix and Silverstone, my Mom is an avid fan, I always call her after each race to talk about it, and she just turned 74! I would love to go Spa, my favorite track, but I see a trip to the Canadian race in my future!
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  3. stephan

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    Cool Adam, there are at least 3 of us then. Ntbush is also a fan. Hopefully there are many more. If everyone knew of all the technology that has filtered down to our cars & trucks from F1 they would be fans too. X2 on Vettel & his bonehead moves. I used to like him when he first started untill he went loose cannon. Number 1 rule is you don't take your teammate out. They had max points till he ran into Webber in Turkey. Gawd give me a frickin drink & some valium. I was glad to see Jenson win with Braun. I always liked him & he never had a great car till then.
    Being from Brittan I can't believe you're not a McLaren fan & don't like Lewis. Did they fire you & give Lewis your seat? lol X2 on Spa. It's my favorite too, especially O'Rouge. The bus stop chicane used to be great too untill Bernie & his mutts made them change it (for whatever reason, it's never been explained, but it was one stupid move on their part) The tires are going to be one big PITA from what they were saying last night. They can be perfect & then go off in 1/2 a lap. That's going to cause a lot of problems. I think Bernie's going to re-think that & have them change the compound so they're a little more predictable.
    X2 on the KERS. All that money to develop it & then it was gone after a year. I'm glad to see it back so we can see who has the best engineers & can make the most out of it. Never made it to the USGP, but it was just as well cuz they ended up only running 6 cars that had the Bridgestone tires that year. The Michelins were self destructing in the last corner from too much G load (actually corner no#1 in normal circuit rotation) & all the Mich teams came in after the recon lap. That really sucked. I'm looking foreward to Texas, it's closer than Indy :)
  4. murdog94

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    IM a sort of fan... meaning i want anyone other than Ferrari to win.. McLaren really is my favorite when it comes down to it, but i dont pay a ton of attention since the pure amount of money that is spent is unbelievable. So yeah im all about Mclaren.. Ferrari lost me when i found out about their predudicial selling practices to the general public, after that i dont wany anything good for them! I look at alot of who i root for on how they treat their customers.
    I dont watch to much but i read about the stats and the stories winner boards etc for F1. I just cant watch racing so much. And i agree that the cars all sound phenominal! and the power etc is incredible, id like to get to a indy race at some point since i think that is the closest to my house.
  5. adampaul1964

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    "Being from Brittan I can't believe you're not a McLaren fan & don't like Lewis. Did they fire you & give Lewis your seat?" Lmao!!

    I rooted for Kimi when he was driving for them, but I don't why I don't like the team that much, I was huge Mansell fan but don't care for Frank Williams too much, go figure! I tend to be more about the driver than the team, hence my support for Jenson even though he's driving for McLaren. Same thing with Senna.
    X2 on Button never having a good car, always seemed he was with the wrong team at the wrong time, it was great to see him win it all though. Just got home from work and I'm watching qualifying now.
  6. silveradotrailblazer

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    Feel asleep with Vettels leading and Hamilton running second, Crap.

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