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  1. Quad racer#212

    Quad racer#212 Rockstar

    I have a 82 k10 short bed 4x4 that dont even use and just tired of the 4x4 drive line. A friend of mine found a 85 or 86 2wd short bed parts truck that has a good frame. He needs body parts to fix his and im thiking about getting the frame to put my body on. Does any one know if a 82 4x4 cab will fit on the a 85 or 86 2wd frame?
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  2. tbplus10

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    No problem at all, the only issue will be how to cover up the t case shifter hole in the trans tunnel.
    GM didnt spend a lot of time or money mfg different parts for the same trucks, and when your talking square body trucks (73 to 87) the trucks were almost exactly the same from the first truck off the assy line in 1973 to the last truck off the line in 1987, they went through many superficial changes but maintained the basic design to the end and as such these trucks are probably the widest time span of interchangeable trucks in history.
  3. Quad racer#212

    Quad racer#212 Rockstar

    tbplus10 I can do sheet metal work so thats esey and thanks for the quick reply. I have swaped lots of s10s but never a full size. i was thinking the mounts where in the same place but did not know

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