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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by dadngt, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. dadngt

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    So currently my 07 silverado with 4.8 v8 has 1 flow master super 44 (black) muffler turned down before the axle. It's ok but not real loud compared to my old truck that would set off car alarms lol and I miss those days. I have been wondering if anyone has ever mixed an exhaust. I'm thinking of keeping the 44 with the turn down but dualing the exhaust with a flow master 40 and have it turn out in front of the rear tire. I have no idea what that would do and would like to get some opinions on the matter. My old truck had a mild built 350 dual flow master 40s turned down and when fired up would set off car alarms lol but in all reality it wasn't horrible to drive daily so what's your views of this freak show exhaust I'm thinking of?
  2. 1BadSierra2011

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    On my old truck i had two seperate mufflers on it just because i felt like it i couldnt tell you why, but it sounded horrible. I true dualed it with two different mufflers, and i literally could stand behind the truck get a friend to rev it, and it sounded like an animal that was dieing. was hilarious, but horrible. haha
  3. dadngt

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    Thanks that's what I needed to know. So wouldn't be a big deal to get another super 44 but what about the one muffler staying turned down and the other turned out in front of the rear tire?
  4. Pikey

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    I think that it would sound horrible. Its not the fact that it is 2 different mufflers (which may sound like 2 different 4 cylinders next to each other) But, the fact that you want one coming out in front of the tire and one under the truck. I think that the sound would come out clean from the pipe in front of the tire. Then, the turned down pipe under the truck would have the sound bounce off of the ground. Just get 2 of the same and have them both come out of the same place.
  5. TimTom64b

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    Turn them both out in front/behind of the rear tire. Mine both exit behind the rear tire... I love it when I get on it when a car is passing going the other direction... I can here my exhaust echo off their vehicle...:)))
  6. James4012

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    My secret? Headers, flex pipe *it's about as thick as a sheet of paper so echos loudly* and of course no mufflers. And have them dump before/ or after the rear axle. My old 79 could be heard blocks away just cruising, couldn't hear the radio at it's loudest, nor my complaining wife right next to me. Wins all the way around. Sadly, every time inspection came around, I had to "misplace" a $100 on the seat. Of course if you're wanting it legal, I wouldn't do this. I had to kill it and let it cost when passing cops.

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