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Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by tbplus10, Apr 18, 2008.

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    Last friday evening traveling north on I35 in my Chevy 6500 28" service truck through Fort Worth on my way back to the shop I was hit by a pickup. An idiot in a Ford F150 changed lanes in heavy traffic without using a signal and clipped my left front fender and wheel busting the tie rod and brake line causing me to hit a guard rail and run down it for 20" on the right side of the truck before comming to a stop. (He hit hard enough to knock the bed all the way off his truck). His excuse was" I didnt see you, and if you saw me comming over you shoulda slowed down and let me in". He got a ticket.

    Today 40" short of last weeks mark on the guardrail a lady managed to stick her Nissan Armada under the side of my loaner service truck, the rear duals rolled over her hood and the Armada got caught in the liftgate mechanism causing it to be drug down the road for 20". She got a ticket cas she never saw me, by the same cop from last friday.

    This is the fifth accident in 18 months, I havent been at fault on any of them and every time the other driver says I never saw the truck.
    How do you not see a 28" foot white box truck with 2" high blue lettering down the side?
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    That sucks Tim! Glad you are alright.
  3. Pete95Sierra

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    yea man glad you are alright... hopefully things get better for ya!!
  4. GaryL

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    I didn't see this thread. Are you really here?:lol:

    Glad you're ok. It's a good thing you weren't riding a motorcycle.
  5. Skarch

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    Side you have your SEP (someone elses problem) field activated? I've had that problem before.:party:
  6. tbplus10

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    Ahhh Monday, a new week to start fresh. Lets deal with a few clean-up items left from Friday.
    Well a note on my desk:
    "Tim; while you were out wrecking the rest of the fleet the ins. adjuster called and said the truck you wrecked the previous Friday is a total, your replacement will be here from Indiana on the 25th, of June, have a nice day".
    That sucks.
    Well on to my voice mail:
    This is Bankston Chevrolet, the truck you had towed in Friday the 18th was totaled by the ins. adjuster, please call us back so we know what to do with it, its has something in the back making a rattling and banging sound when we move it. By the way didnt you have another truck towed in a week earlier? I need to know disposition on that one too.
    We'll listen to the rest of the voice mails after I have some coffee, I'm not ready for the day yet.
    Ok the boss wants to see me in his office:
    We need to get to the dealership and open the truck up, we've got about a million dollars worth of equipment in the back that belongs to Harris Methodist Hospital and is slated for install later this week. In all the excitement I forgot about 4 Lazer Surgery units and 2 special wound care beds that were in the back of the truck.
    Uh oh, didnt the guy from Bankston say this thing was rattling and banging in the back end.
    On to the dealership:
    After we use a Plasma cutter to open the back we find one of the special wound care beds broke loose and smashed into the Lazer units. This is bad, $1 million woth of equipment is now scrap.
    Boss calling me again:
    It seems the other partys insurance adjuster would like to talk to me, they dont feel their insured should shoulder all the blame. She was driving on the shoulder of the road when she hit me, the nearest exit was a quarter mile away. Our company lawyer wants to talk to me before we see the adjuster.
    Off to the insurance adjusters office:
    The company lawyer lays it down right up front "our driver was not at fault, we refuse to negotiate any blame, and your company will be liable for all damages incurred in this accident, were not afraid to meet you in court if we have to". By the way we'll be forwarding you an itemized listing later today for damages. The truck should only be about $80K, but we had about 1 million worth of equipment in the back that was destroyed. The itemized listing should explain it all. Have a good day.
    Steve you ready to smile? The other driver was insured by Farmers Insurance, their adjuster told our company lawyer on tape that even though his insured was at fault it's customary in Texas to share fault on an accident (our lawyer flew in from the home office in Indianna, but practiced in Texas for 15 years previously) he knows the adjuster was trying to Bs him. This oughtta be funny to watch.

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