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    Hello everyone my front shocks have gone bad on my 2002 silverado 2wd and i am going to just replace all the shocks right away and what i am wondering is if i need different lengths of shocks for front and rear i think they are the same but im not sure. Do i need shorter ones for the front and little bit longer ones for the rear or are they the same? thanks any help will be appreciated.

  2. donyms

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    Welcome to the GMTC. Well you have the same truck as I have and I don't know about the length but you buy shocks by the truck make, model and year. I am going to get the Edelbrock for my truck but allot of people go for the Bilstein Shocks. Here is a link for a place you can get either. Good luck.
  3. dedmon27

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    Length as well as how they are bolted up are different. Bilsteins are OE, but you can go with any maufacturer. As long as they have the ones that fit. I got mine at Summit Racing for my 03.
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    I just changed the shocks on my 1997 Z71. After much research, I decided on the Monroe Reflex. They are made for the stock Z71 configuration, which is a little different from a standard K1500. Bilsteins were stock, but I couldn't find a convenient or economical retailer for them. I am pleased with the Monroes. They have been installed for about 3 months now. The website for Monroe allows you to enter your exact vehicle so you KNOW it is the correct part number. Many of the websites didn't include the Z71 as a selection criteria, which makes a difference.

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