FRONT body height difference between Driver & Passenger side (coil springs)?

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    I noticed that the front of my '04 Silverado 1500 (4.8L, 2WD, Reg. Cab, 8 ft. Bed, with 98,000 miles) looked a bit tilted. So, I took a body height measurement as follows:

    * using the center of the wheel hubs as my common point of reference, and a dry-waller's T-square... I measured from the ground to the fender/wheel opening

    * the Driver side actually does sit about ONE INCH lower than the Passenger side ​

    After doing some research online, I find this may NOT be an uncommon situation... and after talking to some friends, I'm thinking that the front COIL SPRINGS are likely the culprit?

    My ALLDATADIY.COM reference tells me that the coil spring's OEM Part Number is 15760837. I did some looking around, online, for replacement springs, and it seems that there are COIL SPRINGS being sold which address this situation. For example, on this website, they show that the MOOG part number 60150 is an alternative which is "FOR USE IF DRIVER SIDE LEANS DOWN 1/2" - 1" LOWER THAN PASSENGER SIDE". :grrrrrr:

    Rather than spending a ridiculous amount of money to have someone replace a coil spring for me (as I don't have a good spring compressor and would have to BUY one in addition to the cost of the coil spring)... I thought I might just use SPACERS to lift that coil spring by about an inch.

    The coil spring itself is about 7/8ths of an inch in diameter... and that means I can't use something like a 18-1201A Spring Lox, because there's not enough space between its bolts.

    I was also considering the use of these Twist-in 18-8001 or 18-9001 ... but I hesitate to do so, because the "spacing on the coil" is not UNIFORM all the way around (i.e., the outer-side is spaced further apart than is the inner side).

    So, my question is...

    Have any of you encountered and CHEAPLY corrected such a problem (FRONT driver-side sits lower than passenger-side)... and if so... care to share your secret?

    Thanks, in advance.
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  2. silveradotrailblazer

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    You don't need a spring compressor to change the front springs. Use a floor jack to support the lower control arm while you disconnect the balljoint. For safety put a piece of chain through the spring and to the frame incase the sring gets loose it wont shoot out at you. Just lower the floor jack slowly and the spring will come out. Just reverse to install the new spring. Also support the truck with a good set of jack stands.
  3. 04-silverado

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    Now why didn't I think of that? Doh! (probably because I have never messed around with coil springs...)

    Ok, so if I don't find something suitable which will raise only the driver's side by about an inch (such as a coil spring insert of some sort)... that means I'm looking at a pricey $100+ for just the driver's side coil spring replacement. :eek:uch:

    If replacing the coil spring is the route which I choose... should I replace BOTH sides... or just the driver's side (I'm assuming here that both coil springs on the vehicle have had the same amount of wear-n-tear)?

    What gets me is HOW & WHY this condition (driver's side "sag"), apparently not uncommon since they actually make a spring specifically to address this situation, would come to pass?
  4. ibmoses

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    My 03 Silverado has this problem.

    Post the link, please where you found the info regarding the problem.


  5. HawaiiKid

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    I've got the same problem in my 03 Silverado, except mine is front and back. Everything I have read says that its cause GM put the gas tank and battery on the same side as the truck...add to that equation all the times you drive alone somewhere, and its not hard to see how the truck could start leaning to that side. I am planning on replacing all the shocks on the truck to Bilstein units, then probably putting new springs and maybe new leafs on it after I cross country her.
  6. 04-silverado

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    In my original post, I said:
    What I meant was:

    After talking with some friends (offline), and then checking my online subscription to ALLDATADIY.COM for "coil spring part numbers" ... I then took the part number, and searched for replacement springs. That's when I came across the MOOG reference (which I also posted a link to, above)... and I also found a RAYBESTOS reference (i.e., two different part numbers) which essentially said the same thing as the MOOG reference. Oddly, checking with a local ADVANCE AUTO PARTS, they do not list any "coil spring" replacements... so I reckon that only a few "suspension specialist websites" carry replacements (of course, the CHEVY DEALER likely does as well).

    Thanks... Bert & HawaiiKid ... for posting about your problem as well. I was beginning to think that NO ONE else on these forums had encountered such a problem.


    Actually, my REAR driver's side is also just slightly LOWER than the rear passenger's side (measured as I explained above, at the rear wheel wells). I've spoken with an ASE Certified "suspension" tech, and he says MOST LIKELY the "rear" will be uplifted, at least a tiny bit, when I correct the FRONT coil spring problem.

    I also (just today) checked-out a friend's truck (1999 Silverado 1500, 2WD, 4.8L, Ext. Cab, 6 ft bed)... and he also has "differences" between the passenger and driver's side body height.

    One word of caution to those lurking here:

    Make sure that your tires are equally inflated... because if not, that can affect your measured results.

    - karl

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    And, FWIW:

    I found another listing, specific to my vehicle's coil springs, at

    The MOOG link/part numbers which I linked to above, are quite pricey... here are the Raybestos part numbers and relative INFO (and more reasonable PRICES as well)...

    585-1241 (SPI)
    Front Coil Springs
    Not Mfr Data - Derived from OE - Match to Original PROF GRADE SILVERADO 1500 OE: 15032650, 15032651, 15032652, 15032653, 15760837, 15760838
    (03-06) RAYBESTOS $97.72

    585-1242 (SPI)
    Front Coil Springs
    Not Mfr Data - Derived from OE - Match to Original PROF GRADE USE TO MIN LEAN IF OEM DRIVERS SIDE BODY LEANS DOWN 1/2" TO 1" MORE THAN PASS SIDE SILVERADO 1500 OE: 15032650, 15032651, 15032652, 15032653, 15760837, 15760838
    (03-06) RAYBESTOS $97.72

    hth - karl
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    Oh thank god, I thought I was crazy. I've had my 08 exactly one week and I noticed 2 days ago that it seemed to be lower on the drivers side. Pulled out my trusty tape measure and sure enough, it's lower by 1 inch on the drivers side. I KNEW my driveway didn't tilt that much, but it has a slight tilt and I thought the gas in the tank was settling to that side, causing it to lean. Mine is a GM certified truck and I WILL be bending the service mgr's ear tomorrow at work.
  8. 04-silverado

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    Do let us know what the dealer has to say... seeing that it is a "certified" used vehicle I find it hard to believe that this would be "acceptable" (like many other "problems" seem to be categorized as being, by GM)!
  9. phroadrick

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    Shop mgr was off yesterday and I'm off today, so I'll find out on Friday what they have to say.
  10. ibmoses

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    It does not seem to cause a driveability or handling issue so I have just ignored it.

    Its kind of like my old dirt track car, has a little wedge in it.


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