Front brakes locked up

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by medicmatt, Feb 6, 2012.

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    Well, not what I expected to be the problem when I went in to the shop on Saturday. I went in for an oil change and to find out what this metal squeal was that only came at low speeds, and seemed to sound with the revolution of the tires. Low and behold, apparently my front brakes are partially locked up. They aren't fully disengaging when I take my foot off the brake. They've been doing it enough that it has caused the rotors to get hot enough that they are blued now.

    They say there are two different types of brake pads, and they think the ones that are on it are not the ones that should be. They have to order the other pair, and will likely have to repalce the rotors too.

    They also say it may explain the decreased MPG I've seen. My old 08 Silverado got me 19.1 mpg on the way to Emmittsburg, MD a few years ago. I drove from my house to there, at my usual 5mph over the posted speed limit and still had close to a quarter tank of gas (that was about 330 miles worth of driving+/-).

    With this one (granted it's got the factory 20's on it), and I can't get above 16mpg on mostly highway driving that I do go to and from work every day. I drive interstate home to work and back, totaling about 110 miles round trip, and I have to fill up after the 3rd day, and that's putting me about halfway between a quarter and E. Not to mention I'm setting cruise on the speed limit to maximize all I can.

    I'm hopeful this fixes the squeak and helps my fuel mileage. I used to be able to get 400-450 miles per tank depending on how much city driving I did on my old one, now I can't make it much past 350 probably (haven't tried to push it).

    Does this sound right to anyone (brakes or the MPG issue)?
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    I would be surprised if you gain any fuel mileage. The numbers your getting are what I am getting with my 08 Sierra with 22"s. I get 14/15 in town and 18/19 on the freeway driving 65mph. I usually run 82 mph on the freeway between here and Phoenix so it drops to 17mpg.

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