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Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by DirtDog, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. DirtDog

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    Hello everybody!:glasses: I have a question. My truck was involved in a very minor wreck about three months ago. I was at the local sheriff's dept. taking out a warrant against my ex girlfriend for stealing my debit card (long story) and when I was leaving a cop backed into my front bumper. He did not hit me hard at all, but it pushed in my bumper and put a little dent in it. I had a local body shop re-align the bumper for me, and it looks good, except it seems to be sitting a little bit higher on the left side (when you are facing the truck) and I would like to try and get it back perfect. What do I need to do to adjust the bumper? here are two pics. the top one is the truck before the wreck, and the bottom one I just took about 5 minutes ago, it's how it looks now. any help would be greatly appreciated.



  2. adidasboy918

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    sorry i cant see a difference in the pics.
  3. dwill3015

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    I don't see a difference either, sorry.
  4. MWright936

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    lol...I have to agree. It looks good to me, but I'm guessing you would have to mess with the bumper mounts. One of them may have been bent slightly when the cop bumped you. If that's the case, you're probably better off just leaving it how it is. Not sure if you can bend that back. Although, I could be wrong. I'm just going off past experience with my previous truck, which was a Ford.
  5. bry2500

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    You would have to remove the bumber and check out all mounting hardware. Find what is out of alignment and fix it. From the pics I can't see a difference and would just leave it. But if I notice it on my truck I would go nuts too. It would be a good all day Saturday project. No beer though you need to be able to see straight. Me and my cousin ( runs a body shop) did my Nissan Frontier bumper years ago when I backed into a tree. It took all day Saturday get it staright and then Sunday to tweak it straighter because we didn't follow the beer rule.
  6. EagleTalons

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    I can see a slight dent on the right hand side...I think...
  7. 04sierracrewcab

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    and i looked at the pics for several mins. :lol:
  8. mehoff400

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    i see it and i know how you feel.... you see one flaw in your truck and thats all you can see and it will bug you till you get it fixed i know you feel
  9. DirtDog

    DirtDog Rockstar 100 Posts

    Thanks everybody for the reply's. I know what ya mean about the pictures, it's hard to see it in them, but if you look at the truck in person, you can see what I'm talking about. If you focus on the chrome part of the bumper and then compare it to the level of the headlights, then do the same in the other picture, you can kinda see what I'm talking about. Thanks to everybody that took the time to look at the pictures though. I probably will end up just replacing the bumper and brackets as soon as I can afford it.

  10. 95CTburb19

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    I can see the difference between the right and left sides so you're definitely not seeing things. This may be a stretch but on my friends integra when we saw it was lower on one side we found where the bumper hanger clip type things were and shimmed it with washers.

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