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  1. HailState1218

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    I was wondering if a ford f250 iron cross front bumper will fit on my 2009 silverado 1500. My buddy blew up his motor and I told him that the bumper he has on his truck is the one I want for mine. He told me he would sell it cheap and it already has the fog lights and wench mounted. I don't know the year of the ford but I think it is around 2005. I didn't want to buy it and then it doesn't fit and then have the bumper just hanging out I. The bed of my truck. Thank y'all who post back.
  2. Pikey

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    I doubt it. I checked the iron cross website and they are different part numbers between GM trucks and ford. There is no point that the ford and GM us the same part number. You might be able to get it to work with some fabricating skills. It may also look funny as it is not contoured to the specific model of your truck.
  3. tbplus10

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    With great fabrication skills anything can be made to work, the question is will it look right?
    Definately isnt gonna be a bolt on affair.
    Is a good deal still a good deal if you spend a fourtune in time or money making it work?
    Will your friend let you do any mock-up before commiting? If not I probably wouldnt do it as youll most likely be buying a large piece of scrap metal.
  4. reggiecab2000

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    Hey, anything can work....
    right before august when I was visiting family in colorado I helped my uncle fab a Jeep rear bumper onto my cousins 1990 something toyota pickup, cut the mounting brackets and welded some new 1/4 plate brackets on and drillled the mounting holes... it looked pretty smooth i must say, oh and all this in one day too... but realistically all trucks rear ends are the same, its all straight with whatever curvature you add to it, front ends are a different story since each manufacture has different angles and slopes and aerodynamic designs, so i agree with previous posts YES it will work with proper fabbing, BUT its up to you if it looks right

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