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Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by chiefholdem, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. chiefholdem

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    OK, so i have a 2008 chevy 1500 crew cab (that my wife recently hit a light pole with while im here in iraq and cant do anything about it, shuold post some pics to make yall cringe!) but i didnt get the one with fog lights in the front bumper. can anyone tell me where i can go to get a front bumper with the fog lights in it and how difficult it is to hook all the wiring up? any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Springthing

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    Well, after the divorce is finalized...

    Okokok, just kidding!

    First, let me just say that I'm not an expert! Others on here are - hopefully they'll reply to you as well.

    In the meantime, from what I know, the wiring is normally present in vehicles regardless of options you bought. All the wiring harnesses are the same at the factory and what you get depends on what options they actually pop on. So as for the fog lights... there SHOULD already be the hookups / plugs there for you to use for the fog lights. Even more than that... the wiring should already have been put through to the cab. If you pop the panel where the factory switch would have been chances are high that you'll find the plug there that would have fit the switch to operate the fog lights.

    IF wiring is not present, doing it yourself, even at a beginners level, should be pretty easy and only take you a short amount of time, with costs under....oh, say, about $50 for wires, relay, switch, etc etc. (actually, most of that stuff will be included with the fog lights anyway if you're lucky!)

    Now as for the bumper- I've never bought a new (late-model new, and new as in not used) bumper before but as a lot of people know I'm an eBay junkie... so I won't even tell you where I'd look first.. :)

    Good luck!

    And yes! Post pictures anyway... I want to feel your pain! We should have a support group.

    "Hi, I'm Justin. (crowd: "hi Justin"). I have a 1500 Crew Cab that's kissed a light pole. It's been almost a week now and I'm ok with that. (crowd: "way to go Justin.. it's all repairable, buddy..") The last time I s......"

  3. chiefholdem

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    Well Springthing asked for them, so here are the pictures of my truck after the dance with a light pole! Like I said, I DID NOT do t[​IMG]his to my truck! It was the handy work of my wife. (maybe it's a good thing I'm in Iraq!) All support on this matter is welcomed lol!

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    :surprised::eek:h: WOW.. So sorry to see that. One reason my wife doesn't want to drive my truck. afraid of crashing it. Like what was said already ebay. I've seen some front bumpers on there.
  5. DaveyBoyo

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    I'm glad this was brought up. Sorry about your luck, Chief.

    I'm looking to put foglights in the bumper of my '00. I imagine you just have to cut out the holes and put the lights in, but I'm interested to see how this unfolds.

    You can order an aftermarket bumper at your local NAPA. They will have catalogues for you to browse through.
  6. tlperry68

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    Look at the bright side, your side mirrior is intact. If you have USAA they are pretty good about little things like this.
  7. GM_lover

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    i would check out this ebay store they have the whole silverado kit at really cheap prices ive bought stuff from them a number of times and ive nevr had a problem id check it out and see if they can help you

    let me kno how this works out for you :)

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