Front diff leaking?

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by 2000liftdsuburban, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. ok so ive been noticing fluid drips on my driveway... last night i decide lets crawl under the truck, i see that theres a big puddle of fluid on the truck on the frnt diff.
    it's near the center like right after the cv joint... it's kinda bad

    what is it? why could that have happened? and how hard is it to fix?
  2. it seems to be leaking alot actually... but it doesnt smell or feel like gear oil? weird idk
  3. Jimmiee

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    You need to get under there with a flashlight and a mirror. Remove the skid plate and see whats leaking. Remember this, whatever is leaking finds it's way to the lowest point <differential> and then drips onto the floor.
  4. yeah im going to do this on thursday after my classes... i'll clean everything up and then wait for more leaks. it seems to be collecting on my skid plate... but it's got that"wet look" of fluids on the diff so idk could be motor oil possibly right?
  5. Jimmiee

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    Yes, it could be motor oil, Power Steering, or even brake fluid for that matter.
  6. LOL dnt say brake fluid please.... i just did every single brake line in that truck hahah
  7. Jimmiee

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    OK, Wiper Fluid! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!1111
  8. LOL thats a lil better hahah... alright cool i'll keep you posted on my issues thanks for your help!
  9. OK, so i beleive its coolant leaking out... i smell it after the trucks running, i cleaned the underside of the motor/ skid plate with foamy engine brite. one of the colors was orangish red. so yeah. thats what i figuered...

    as for the truck itself, how can i tell if cv axles are going bad? what noises/feelings should i have.
    also the intermidiate shaft how can you tell if thats broken?

    oh and why would oil smell like gas? lol

    i think i should sell this lol

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