Front diff question 05 yukon xl

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    I was under my truck checking things out when I noticed that I can move the flange on the front diff a little. It is where the cv shaft bolts to the flange. I can move the driver side one more than the passenger side. Is this normal? I just had the diff replaced 1000 miles ago by my warranty company. It came out of a truck with 55,000 miles on it. I want to find out soon because my warranty expires in less than 1000 miles. Thanks

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    Anyone? @j cat? @bowaddict13 ? I seem to remember you had said that you tore onw down, I know someone knows about the inside of these things
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    I stopped by the ring and pinion shop today. The owner has done tons of work for me. He took it for a test drive and said, "holy crap, that diff is loud, there is at least one bad bearing in it if not a bad ring and pinion set". So, I called my warranty company because they just put that diff in it. They said that it is covered under their supplier warranty. I took it to a trans shop that they recommend because my ring and pinion guy has a small shop and I don't want to tie his lift up for days. The place that put the diff in let my truck sit on their lift for a week and a half with the old diff still in it last time, so I was not going back to them. The trans guy agreed that the diff is messed up. So, he is going to try and talk the warranty company out of shipping him another used diff and just let him rebuild this one. I guess I will see what happens. At least this guy diagnosed it and let me take the truck home while he works with the warranty company, rather than keeping the truck the entire time like the last place did. Wish me luck!!
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    The saga continues. The shop I took it to insists that it is not the front diff, but the transfercase. The T-case is also supposed to be covered under my warranty, but not the company wants to send an adjuster out to drive the truck and listen for the sound. What a pain! Down to one car.
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    Update. The adjuster said that the t-case is bad. They gave me two options. They could install a used T-case that would be under warranty until my extended warranty expires (120 days or 700 miles) or they were going to give me $868 towards a rebuild or new case. I called the company and complained so did the owner of the trans shop. Apparently, after the warranty company called around looking for a used case they discovered that they run around $1200. So, they called me back and offered me $1200 toward a case. I opted for a new case since I can get it from the dealer for $1400. So, all together with labor and the new case it is going to cost me $500. If I could have gotten them to just give me the $1200 I would have done it myself. But, the shop spent 1/2 a day diagnosing it. Still $500 is better than $1400 plus the trac II fluid.

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