front differential problem

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by ceyermann, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. ceyermann

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    2001 suburban 1500 4x4. 125K miles. front differential making noise found shavings in the fluid. drained refilled. noise wondering if i can rebuild or need to completely replace. apparently the front differential is hard to repair as compared to the rear.

    any advice on replacing/repairing. what should i look for as far as failure in the near future?

  2. SnowmanZ71

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    Last week I had mine pulled and new gaskets and bearings put in on my 2000 GMC sierra with 137000 miles. Is yours leaking at all? Also do you have Auto 4wd? Mine would drip slowly and I went in thinking it would just need new gaskets but when I pulled it we found metal shavings as well. So when I took it up to the shop they said my bearings were toast and that I was lucky to have replaced them when I did. Mine however never really made a noise... it just leaked fluid. The guy at the shop was telling me that with the Auto 4wd when it catches when the rear tires slips it puts a lot more load on the bearings, reducing their life span. As far as doing it yourself I wouldn't try unless your a more than just a weekend machanic, I was planning on doing this myself but replacing bearings you would need special tools and almost everything in the front T-case is locked down to certain specs. Also just getting the case down was difficult as it doesn't just drop down you have to work it out. My best guess is if there is a problem it would be your bearings, and usually before they go your gaskets start to leak. Hopefully this helps!
  3. ceyermann

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    front differential

    yes I have the auto 4 wheel drive however I always have it set on 2 wheel hi. the shop said the front differential is completely sealed and to repair the internal parts would be difficult. they recommended getting a used one about 500.00 bucks.

    also there is no noticeable leaking while it sits. I have driven maybe 50 miles since the repair and it seems fine for now.

    I would not attempt to rebuild or install, that is beyond my patience level.

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