Front differential thrust washer

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by ippielb, Nov 4, 2011.

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    So, in the process of re-gearing my truck to 4.56, and i seemed to have lost my thrust washer on the passenger side axle flange. I have the locating washer, just not the thrust washer.

    Thrust washer is the top washer.

    My question is, i cannot find the thrust washer on any schematics online. Why is this? Did some come with one and some not?

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    Thrust Washer

    Did you ever figure the thrust washer dilemma out? It's been a couple of years, I tore into my 2002 Sierra and I do not have the thicker thrust washer & the lower with the two flanges was damaged inside my passenger side axle. I went to GM dealer today they told me that the flanged washer had a lot of problems so they have revised it to only 1 piece. Once I get the part from the dealer I will take a picture of it for future reference for everyone.
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    You may not get an answer for a while -- as [MENTION=23623]ippielb[/MENTION]'s last login was 2/22/2013.
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    I did actually get a new thrust washer from wrecker and put it in. Hasn't given me any problems.

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