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  1. jacobus

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    Hi All ,
    I'm new to the forum . I joined in hopes of helping others and receiving help as well .
    I'm a caterpillar mechanic but try to work on my own vehicles as well .
    I have recently bought a 2007 2500hd 6l gas 210000kms
    I drove onto the lake yesterday and got stuck min the snow . I had switched to 4wd high before going onto the lake . I heard a small clunk just before getting stuck .
    I washed my truck today and raised it off the ground , front end only .
    Switch posistion 2wd .
    I turned each front wheel and noticed that the axles turn as well on both sides .
    I posistioned the switch to 4wd high and heard engagement of the transfer case . I went under the truck and the drive shaft doesn't turn , normal as the rear wheels are still on the ground . I can still turn both the front wheels by hand .
    I drained the oil and found no debris or cuttings just some fuzz on the magnetic plug .
    I removed the front skid plate and noticed that there is a solenoid on the front differential .
    How and when does this solenoid work ? Could this just be an electrical issue ? The dash switch indicates all posistions 2wd , 4wd and 4wd low when selected . But there is no drive to the front wheels ?
    Can anyone help here
    Thank you in advance .
  2. MrShorty

    MrShorty Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    That is your center axle disconnect (CAD). In 2H, it disengages the front axles from the front driveshaft. In 4H/4L, it locks them together. If you aren't getting any drive to the front end, this is a likely candidate. Could be electrical or could be mechanical -- I'm not real familiar with the operation of the CAD. I'd probably start with a little research and then probably start by checking the electrical (because it's probably easier to probe the wires than take the thing apart).
  3. Eddie Z71

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    Hi, and welcome to the site!:glasses: Hope you find the problem, and it is a easy fix. Good luck!
  4. canislupis69

    canislupis69 Epic Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 5000 Posts

    Welcome to the site!
  5. jacobus

    jacobus New Member

    Thank you very much . I can now research the cad .
    Your right , I didn't want to start ripping things apart as that is a waste of time and money .
    I was happy not to see chunks in the oil , this info makes me feel even better , thanks again Mr Shorty
    Update Jan4/10
    I removed the disconnect actuator and switched to 4wd and the plunger of the actuator comes out like it should .
    I tried to use a screwdriver to push the internal part that would normally be moved by the actuator and no luck . So I now have to open things up . I'll keep you all posted .
    Jan 4 evening
    Hi All
    Well ,thats done ! I separated the axle and moved it away from the diff housing drive end ( right hand side ) . Removed the end housing that contains the disconnect and a bunch of debris , gear chunks and pieces of the engaging yoke . Cleaned all that out and bought new stuff at the ex GM dealer in town here as they had all I needed . The yoke and the gear , oil and sealant to reconnect .
    I asked my daughter to give me a hand which she was happy to do . three hours and we were test driving it , OK so far . All the parts incl. oils and sealant were $ 260.00 Can. Good deal as the shop rates these days are , well , wow, way too much .
    Nice that the diff and disconnect are somewhat seperate comparments . Saves on migration of the contaminents destroying the diff too .
    Take care all , hopefully I can be of assistance sometime !
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