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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by rexdavisson, May 27, 2008.

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    I have a '92 Silverado 3/4 2500 454 w/75,000 miles. I put new tires on. The truck drives and steers good, but I hear a slapping noise that seems to come from around the driver front side. I took it to the tire shop and asked them to look at the front end. They put it so that the front end was up. Then the tech tried to wobble or shake a wheel. It looked like it had play in it. Same on the other side.
    The owner pointed out the Pitman arm on the passenger side and the idler arm on the other side. He said that they were shot. It would be about $70 a piece, plus $80 for labor, then $40 to align.
    This guy did some similar work on a Delta 88. I think that he has an inordinate love of green.
    I have thought of trying to get a second opinion. I wonder what any of you might think about this situation. Again, it drove fine. He said the slapping was probably because of the two parts that he said needed replacement. I realize that 1) if the parts are bad, not to align it before this is fixed 2)that it is not so serious in terms of something bad is going to happen real quickly.
    This is too long but thanks. donw
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    So you don't feel any slop in the wheel, or any other feelings while driving? The pitman and idler may be bad, I would have thought you would have felt it in the wheel long before you heard it. I think I'd double-check all the plastic air dams and wheel well parts before getting that done. Just my .02...
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    i agree. if those things were shot than you would have known before you got the new tires on. the guy seems to just want some more money. do what crawdaddy said and check those other things

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