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    Hey guys, have developed a problem . My 1988 V20 4X4 Suburban will shake violently at about 35 mph and hit rough spots, or braking slowly. I know its in the front end, just looking for a place to start. Thinking maybe steering box, has a lot of play in it. Ball joints are a little worn but seem ok. ps the truck has 380,000 miles on it, no smoke,engine noise, or anything. Southern truck, no rust
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    if you plan on keeping her then you should think about major TLC, like a Mater Bushing Kit for everything, check your pitman and idler arms steering brackets etc for your loose steering issue. as far as a violent shake check your balance on your wheels, have you used fix a flat on any tires in the front? a good place to start. After that many miles everything gets worn and saggy, kills MPG and tires...
  3. rustyk2

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    Thanks, have a spare steering box gonna swap it out. tires are fairly new, balance is good, wearing evenly. feel the shake through the steering wheel, can jerk wheel to stop the shake, that's why I feel it's in the box. cant complain tho- got the truck for free, guy wanted it out of the yard also no fix a flat
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