Front end wobble

Discussion in 'Chevy Suburban Forum (GMC Yukon XL)' started by Billy D, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. janikphoto

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    I get a quick little pull to one side at highway speeds, like the tires decided to track in a groove on the street and pull to the left real hard. I wasn't sure if it was the steering rack wearing out or what, but maybe I also have a caliper that grabs for a second every now and then?!? I'll pull it and see how it looks...
  2. Dana W

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    Those sticky calipers can be caused by dirty residual pressure valves and/or dirty rusty guide pins. A lot of the time, new calipers are simply a rip off.
    Also, I don't quite understand why warped rotors would cause a wobble at only a certain speed.
    Warped rotors are usually caused by improper lug nut tightening procedures, and you will always feel warped rotors in the brake pedal, similar to antilock chatter.
  3. Billy D

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    Not saying the calipers couldn't have been salvaged, that could be possible - but I took it to a shop I know the owners. They treat me well and sometimes not worth trying to salvage thing. They don't watch right over each of their mechanics, it is actually a pretty good sized truck shop with alot of accounts, so they want things in and out and as quick as possible. Why it would wobble at certain speeds was possible when the caliper decided to stick. At times the SUV drove very smooth, then a while later it was all over the place. No matter what is was, I am happy and it is driving straight as new! I can spin a few wrenches trying to figure things out, but don't have a massive amount of tools - not to mention I work to much to keep playing with troubleshooting things...and even worse, don't want to be out in the cold winter playing with stuff outside.

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