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  1. I got new tires for my pickup and i am not going to put them on until i get my front end work done and then put the tires on with the alignment. My inner tie rods are shot. While i am in there i am going to replace the outer tie rods and the idler arm and pitman arm. The passenger side inner tie rod has lots of movement and might have egged out the center link, so i am going to go ahead and replace it too. I was thinking about putting in all MOOG parts so i get the best. If anyone has any better brand suggestions or tips for this job i would be awesome to here them. Also i wanted to know if a 1999 K1500 would have a steering damper on it because i have not had a chance to get under it and look really closely.
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    You can't beat Moog parts. Go over to and check out their prices. Their catalog will inform you if you need a steering damper.
    Good Luck and God Bless
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    Moog is the greatest but I go MasterPro cuz I'm a poor white kid growning up in the white ghettos of St. Amant. But I need an entire front end replacement, ball joints upper and lower, tie rods inner and outer, pitman arms, and eventually wheel bearings.
  4. If i replace the idler arm. Do i need to replace the idler arm bracket
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    Definitely go with moog. If you don't have a damper and want one, just buy an after market and put it on
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    moog is not half as good as they used to be in the 90's, i prefer trw or napa parts now.

    moog has really cheapened their parts over the last 10 years, i noticed a big difference when they switched to making the parts out of the country, especially ball joints.
  7. Thanks for all the help everyone i got all my parts in and on my pick up. got my new tires on and an alignment done. The pick up drives like a dream like new. I am loving it. Oh and thanks to whoever suggested rock auto because thats who i used and they were awesome. Here is a picture of the tires i put on. 2012-01-12 17.42.06.jpg

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