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Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by ebaymonster, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. ebaymonster

    ebaymonster New Member

    i am interested in banging out a dent in the panel right where pin dtripe runs. it is cheaper than $500 to slap bondo over sand and paint. I am looking at the wheel well and i want to know if those clips I see when removed give me access to the inside of the well to tap with rubber mallet? Any thing elso to consider? thanks all. 2002 1500 lt ext cab
  2. stephan

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    Yes you could do this for a heck of a lot less than the body shops $500 estimant. If you can get it straight, & can match the paint color, spray it on smoothly, & re-do the pinstripe when you're done. It all depends on the experience you have, as far as how good it will look when you're done. A lot will depend on the color of your truck. Darker colors show every ripple & defect in your body work, so they have to be "perfect" before you shoot them. Yes, you will have to remove the inner fender well for access to the inside to pound it out.
  3. ebaymonster

    ebaymonster New Member

    thans for reply, when i looked under fender it seems there is half black plastic splash guard and half metal, I guess i will need a pice of wood to place against fender. The dent is from a softball. As I said it is on pinstripe. I am hoping to tap out 90% of dent without having to paint at all, well we will see, thanks again
  4. Combat_Vet

    Combat_Vet New Member

    Give a paintless dent removal company a call. I've had some nasty door dings taken out flawlessly and only cost $50.00

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