Front fender removal (outer fenders)

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  1. burbnamedbill

    burbnamedbill New Member

    Hey all,
    I'm looking to remove the outer fenders on my burb for more clearance on the trails, but am having difficulty figuring out just how to do it. I've removed I believe 7 bolts (2 near the door hinges, 4 in the wheel well, and 1 on top at the front) but the fender stays put. It seems as if the seam between the inner and outer fender is sealed with adhesive perhaps? I did a little test separation between the 2 and it seems like some tough adhesive, if that's what it is. Do I need to just go for it in separating the outer fender from the inner fender? Just thought it'd be easier to separate like in the case of a fender replacement after a minor accident or something. I've read up on this a bit and different websites have contradicting info on whether or not the hood needs to be removed in order to remove a fender. I would obviously want to keep the hood on and would not think the fenders are necessary for it to remain in place (even without the fenders on, it would still be supported by the 2 hinges at the back and the latch at the front...seems sufficient to me). Thanks in advance for suggestions!
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  2. murdog94

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    The hood hinges actually bolt to the fender as well.. So there is 2 more bolts. Also on the rear of the fender on the bottom there are 2 more bolts (this is bolts per total, not bolts per side) and there is alnost one in the front that you will kinda need to dig around a bit for..
  3. burbnamedbill

    burbnamedbill New Member

    Thanks for the reply. Ok I got the ones on the rear/underside, but not the hidden ones up front or the hinge ones, so I'll work on those. So does that mean I will need to remove the hood to get the fenders off? Or will I be able to just remove the bolt, remove the fender, and then replace the bolt?
  4. Crawdaddy

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    Just curious, is there any reason why your are completely removing the fenders instead of simply trimming them? Unless you're looking to go full truggy, it's not that common to remove fenders for clearance. Unfortunately, I've never removed my fenders, so I don't have any guidance here, but just some food for thought...
  5. burbnamedbill

    burbnamedbill New Member

    Haha no, that's about the only reason...I've more or less been removing unnecessary parts for awhile now in preparation for going to something like a truggy sometime in the future. I also just like learning how to do some of this stuff now so it's easier to mess with down the road when I'm more committed to some drastic mods.

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