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  1. Grumpyjoe

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    New to Chevy/GMC vans but my tool shop needs a van. I am buying a 2005 GMC 10'Box van like at Uhaul. I need/want a front hitch. I live in the mountains and use a light snow plow that mounts in a receiver. I can find front hitches for 2003 and back but nothing newer. I like some of the brush guards and may adapt to one too. Short of making a custom bumper does anyone know the part number or have pictures of the mounts?

    The van is needed mostly to pick up tools and Snow Chains. During the winter I would have either the plow or my winch on the front. Getting stuck or moving other stuck cars is common for the delivery trucks driving in the winter. I have never been stuck but who knows.

    If I should avoid the 05 vans I can still get an 04 but not much earlier.
  2. tbplus10

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    I used a company called Hitch World for the last two front recievers I bought.
    Looked at their on line catalg but I didnt see anything for your van.
    The front hitch on my Tacoma was an off the shelf item that cost $123, the hitch for my Dually was custom fabbed by Hitch World and ran $225.
    On both hitchs I had attachment points for hooks added since they normally get used for an 8k winch on a reiciever mount.
  3. Grumpyjoe

    Grumpyjoe New Member

    I too use hitch worlds and uhaul for most. I can fab a bumper with a hitch but it is getting colder and snow will be here soon. I am pushing on age and my winter garage days are fewer each year. Never old but getting older quick. I would rather buy and install a quick hitch. One shop told me it was an interference issue but did not know what the hitch would be hitting. I get my van Friday or Saturday and I might be able to compare it to a 2003 to see what is different.

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