Front & Rear Diff and Transfer Case Fluid Change

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by al96chev, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. al96chev

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    Alright I want to change the oil in the front diff, rear diff, and transfer case.

    Its a 1996 Chevy K1500 with the stock 10 bolt rear end and manual transfer case.

    For the rear I am going to get royal purple max gear synthetic 75W90.

    For the front im thinking regular old 80W90 gear oil.

    And for the transfer case im going to get royal purple synchromax.

    Will two bottles for each diff and two bottles for the transfer case be enough?

    Any tips or things to watch out for? I know im going to have to reseal the rear diff with some atv sealant

    thanks yall.
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  2. dant2757

    dant2757 New Member

    I am rebuilding my 1989 K1500 and am changing all fluids too. Attached is the file with the capacities from the GM shop manual. I started with the rear end, removed the 10 bolt rear plate a resealed it with red hi temp silicone.

    The manual says it takes 4.2 pints, a little over 2 qts. Well at 2.5 quarts of 75W/90 synthetic the diff is still not up to the fill hole.

    I did the transfer case next, Dexron III synthetic. Manual says 1.4 quarts. At 2.5 quarts into the case it is still not up to the fill hole.

    Any comments on these capacities? Supplement my attachment if possible.....

    Haven't owned a GM vehicle since the 60's. The shop manual seems to focus too much attention on stuff like repairing the rear window de-foger and less on critical items, I am disappointed. The vehicle seems to be rock solid after 150K+ miles


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